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Our first

The rescoped datagrid

Our datagrid is the CDK (Component Development Kit) for your next Angular project. Why? Because you only define your rules, and the datagrid does the rest.

Based on Angular-Material and Angular-CDK.

Performs well with large data sets, even with 100,000+ rows.

Easy setup through central configuration as JS Object.

Plugin architecture enables full customisation.

Themed out of the box.

Skygrid screenshot


Angular CDK



Our solutions

Robust & optimized

Our goal is to deliver great products and a compelling experience for developers. We ensure best code quality, strictly typed and thoroughly tested.


With our monorepo we provide centralized management and control that makes it easy to keep track of changes, dependencies, and versions. The increased code reusage means less code needs to be written from scratch, easy updates and maintenance.

Versatile & flexible

Because our solutions are designed to be data-agnostic, they can be reused in different applications. It's easy to switch between different data sources and meet specific requirements. We build for small projects, but also for enterprise deployments with multiple data sources.

You would like to know in detail
how we can help you?

Check our GitHub repo.

Open-source is our focus
— not a feature

What we stand for

There are so many good things happening in the open source world right now. We want to be part of this movement, and we want to promote and support the open source community, within our means. We strongly believe in open source and the benefits it can bring to organizations and individuals.

Even decision makers and managers have now been convinced and that’s why we initiated rescoped from within our company avodaq, an innovative IT service provider. The community knows that opening projects to the public is not only legitimate and necessary, but also successful. Now is the perfect time to act.

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